Privacy Policy

We take your privacy very seriously. We are not in the business of selling or monetizing your data in any way.

1. Feed Services

In order to do its job, lire needs to interact with your feed service accounts. That interaction is subject to the privacy policies of your feed services:

Your feed service account credentials are stored securely on your iOS device.

1a. Web-based Login

Feedly has OAuth 2.0 web-based login processes. This web-based login process is facilitated by opening a SFAuthenticationSession on iOS 11 and above, or Safari View Controller on iOS 10. It is ensured that the initial URL for the login process is an HTTPS URL. Beyond that, there is no way to ensure that the entire login process happens via HTTPS. Feedly supports Redirect URLs with custom URL schemes. Therefore Feedly authorization codes are never transmitted to our web servers.

2. Web Service

We maintain a Web Service which works with the iOS and macOS apps to extract text content from web pages. Communication with this web service takes place exclusively via HTTPS. The only information transmitted to the web service are the URLs to the web pages from which text needs to be extracted. This information can in no way be used to identify any personal user or device information. The URLs and the extracted text content is cached by the web service for a short duration to prevent repetitive work in case other customers may want to fetch text content of the same web pages/URLs.

3. Apple

Because lire is distributed through the App Store and runs on iOS an macOS, use of lire is also subject to the Apple Privacy Policy.

Occasionally, with consent of the customer, a customer might beta test an unreleased version of lire. When that happens, we will provide the customer’s name and email address to Apple. That process is subject to the TestFlight Terms and Conditions.

4. Websites

Displaying full-text views and displaying articles with embedded objects such as images requires making HTTP and HTTPS requests to third party websites. In the same way that a website can track direct visitors, a website may be able to track lire customers when retrieving embedded objects and full-text content, when opening a link from an article, and when opening an article on the web.

5. Email Exchanged

Our email is hosted with Google, and is therefore subject to the Google’s Privacy Policy. We may retain email indefinitely in order to provide context for future conversations. lire contains the ability to email a customer support request, or report full-text extractions problems to us. lire may, in some cases, add a small bit of information about the device and installation to these messages by default. This helps to provide context around customer inquiries. If desired the customer can remove that information before sending the message.

6. Beyond this Product

We may use third party content delivery services on our website. When necessary for maintenance and security purposes, we may log requests to our website. Information logged may include visitor IP addresses. That information will be used for the sole purpose of maintaining the web site and will be stored for no longer than necessary. Any correspondence via social network such as Facebook or Twitter is subject to the privacy policy of the relevant social network and is beyond the scope of this privacy policy.

This privacy policy does not apply to our other products.

7. Sharing of Data

When legally required to do so, we will provide information to government authorities. Beyond that, we will never share customer data. We make a point of minimizing the customer information we have.

8. Personal Data

The personal data we have about customers is limited to email received from customers. Upon written request from a customer to, we will supply the personal information we have about the inquiring customer. Similarly, we will delete our copy of said data upon written request. Any such request must include all email addresses from which that customer sent us email.

9. Contact

Any questions or concerns about this privacy policy should be sent to

10. Changes to this Policy

Future versions of lire may require an update to this policy. Any changes will be noted here.

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