Frequently Asked Questions

Why does this app have a strange name? What does 'lire' even mean?

The name: 'lire' is french for the verb 'read'. In case you're curious, here is how it's pronounced.

Feedly syncing is great and all, but, will you add support for [X Feed Syncing Service]?

Adding support for more services is definitely on the roadmap, but I can't promise yet which and when.

Where did the refresh button (from version 1.0) go? How do I refresh manually?

It has been replaced by the pull to refresh gesture. This works from any list that can be refreshed.

VoiceOver users can trigger pull to refresh by swiping down with three-fingers.

How do I open an article in the in-app browser?

Just tap on it's title in the article view.

How do I star an article or send it to my favorite read later service without opening it?

Slide an article to the left while still in a list of articles, and hit the star button, and that article will be starred. And, depending on where you have set starred articles to be sent to, in Settings → Article Options → Send Starred Articles To, the article can be sent to your favorite read later service.

VoiceOver users can do a single finger triple-tap to accomplish the same.

How do I mark an article as read or unread without opening it?

Tap and hold said article (in the list of articles). If it's read, it'll be marked as unread, or, if it's unread, it'll be marked as read.

As of version 2.0.2, VoiceOver users can do a double-tap and hold to perform what is known as 'Fast action' which can mark multiple articles as read.

I'm not a VoiceOver user, how would I perform the 'Fast action'?

When in a list of articles, just pull an article to the right, till the background color changes, and release.

How do I mark all articles in a feed as read or unread?
How do I delete all articles in a feed?

Tap the options button in the top right corner (in the list of articles) to bring up the options menu which will allow you to accomplish exactly that, and more.

How do I enter or exit fullscreen mode with 'Automatic Fullscreen Mode' turned off?

Just double tap when reading an article.

VoiceOver users who get accidentally stuck in fullscreen mode can just double-tap with two fingers on any part of the text area to exit fullscreen mode.

How do I import my feed subscriptions from an OPML file?

If you have an OPML file in another app, like an attachment in Mail, or a file in Dropbox, that can export files to other apps, when you try to export an OPML file, lire will show up as one of the apps that can read the OPML file format. When you open an OPML file with lire, it will just launch and import the feed subscriptions from that file.

The progress bar is not very informative, how do I find out the exact progress of an in-progress sync/refresh/caching operation?

Go to the main menu of the app, and tap on 'lire' in the title bar, this will show you the exact progress. This only works when the progress bar is visible.

VoiceOver users can just swipe their way to the progress bar to find out the same information.

I'm a VoiceOver user, and would like to be able to navigate to the previous and next articles without having to swipe my way to the previous and next buttons at the bottom, is that possible?

Yes, when reading an article, VoiceOver users can swipe horizontally with three fingers, a swipe from right to left takes you to the next article, and one from left to right takes you to previous article.

How do I create a new folder? Where did the button to create a new folder from version 1.0 go?

To create a new folder, go to Subscriptions → Any one of your feeds → Options Menu → Subscription details → Folders, there you will find the button to create a new folder in the top right. When you create the folder, the feed you're in, will also be added to the newly created folder.

The reason this button has been buried this deep, is because some syncing services like Feedly etc. do not allow creation of empty folders, via their API. And, putting the button in the folders section would allow for creation of empty folders, which would not work.

Will you ever add the option to create folders inside folders inside folders (nested folders)?

The answer is: No. Mostly for the sake of simplicity.

I would like to request feature X?

Great! I'd love hear it, use the contact information in the answer to the last question on this page, to get in touch. But, before you do that, please be aware that I already have a fairly long list of features on my to-do list (if it is something obvious, chances are good that it's already there), plus you should know that I may not to able to respond to every feature request quickly, and finally, when requesting a feature, please be reasonable, and request features that make sense for an app like lire and ones that other users would find useful too.

I requested feature X, when will it be implemented?

How soon I implement a feature usually depends upon, how much sense it makes for lire to have it, the amount of resources (time & in some cases money) the implementation requires, and how complex the feature is to implement. Not always in that particular order.

Is there anything else you'd like to say to users of lire?

Why, yes, I'm glad you asked. I would like to say: Thanks. Thanks for your support, and thanks for buying lire!

I enjoy using this app, is there anything I can do to help support it's future developement?

You are very kind. If you'd like to help, a nice review on the app store helps a lot. Thanks!

My question wasn't answered here, how do I get in touch?

Please email

PS: I'm only one person and get a ton of email, so it would be awesome if you made sure that your question has not been answered here before you email me.

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